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Time fibre home broadband

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When it comes to home fibre broadband, nothing comes close to Time Fibre Home Broadband.

For gamers who wants their fullest potential unleashed, having the gaming skills and high-performance PC or console is only half the equation. The other half is having fast internet speed, lower ping time and minimal data packet loss. Whether you are playing first person shooters, MOBA or any game genre that requires fast gaming reflex and most importantly a steady and fast internet connection, Time Fibre Home Broadband is the solution you are looking for.

Of course, having a fast and stable internet speed is equally great to enjoy uninterrupted video streaming experience, downloading big files in a pretty short time and get every online-related stuff done with no frustrations. So how does Time Fibre Home Broadband achieve such a high speed yet in a steadily stable connection? The answer is it uses 100% fibre.

Compare to most internet providers who are still depending on the archaic copper connection which has a slower, limited speed and inconsistent internet connection, fibre connection is mandatory if you want a future-proof, uninterrupted connection and high internet speeds. Time Fibre Home Broadband runs only on fibre, so what you get is a non-compromised, best in class internet connection at the best value.

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